Benefits of Selling a Home As Is for Cash

You probably have sold a home in your lifetime and realize that it can be quite a hassle. First you have to find a real estate agent you trust by interviewing several agents and review their estimated comparable sales of similar homes in your neighborhood. Then you need to prepare your home for sale by making the recommended changes, repairs, and staging efforts to the home. Then your home goes live on the market, and you have to accommodate different buyers’ schedules on viewing your home making sure your home is presentable each time. After many days or weeks of this you may finally get an offer that you review with your real estate agent. At last, you find an acceptable offer and sign a contract. 

Just when you think you have a deal the work is not over. The buyer then applies for financing, orders a home inspection and an appraisal, and sends the ratified contract to the title company to do the closing. Many things can happen during these next steps that can easily cause a contract to fall apart. Here are a few examples of what can happen. 

  1. The house does not appraise for the value of the contract. Then the buyer can ask for their deposit back and void the contract or they can ask you to lower the purchase price netting you less money in proceeds at closing 
  2. The home inspector finds pages and pages of repairs that must be met for the lender to make the loan or for the buyer to be satisfied with the condition of the home for them to go through with the purchase. Usually, the buyer will ask for repairs to be made on what is called a repair addendum. If you do not agree the buyer can void the contract and ask for their deposit back. 
  3. The title company finds a defect in title such as a tax lien mechanics lien etc. which allows the buyer to terminate the contract.

Oftentimes this cycle can repeat itself over and over taking many months to actually close and sell your house. 

There is a solution to this and it’s Ed Buys Properties, LLC. We buy homes as is without asking you to make any repairs and for all cash. You will not need to make any repairs to the property as we buy homes as is and we do not need any contingencies on the sale whatsoever. Once we agree on a sales price and a closing date, we have a deal. You do not need to worry about the repetitive cycle of broken contracts or pages of repair requests. All of our contracts are done electronically, and an initial inspection is done at your convenience. Even for closing you can pick a time and place convenient to you to sign with our mobile notary services from our title company. We buy homes with you in mind. For more information simply call Ed Kowalski at 443-619-2238 or email or fill out the form on our website at 

Benefits of Selling a Home As Is for Cash